Algorithms, Bioinformatics, and Computation Theory

11. Md. Tahmidur Rafid, Rabeeb Ibrat and Md. Saidur Rahman. Generating Scale-Free Outerplanar Networks

13. Po-An Chen, Chi-Jen Lu, Chuang-Chieh Lin and Ke-Wei Fu. Multiagent Learning for Competitive Opinion Optimization

15. Sanpawat Kantabutra. Adiabatic Quantum Computation for Cyber Attack and Defense Strategies

16. Silvan Horvath, Hans-Joachim Böckenhauer and Fabian Frei. Priority Algorithms with Advice for Disjoint Path Allocation Problems

36. Guillaume Fertin, Oscar Fontaine, Géraldine Jean and Stéphane Vialette. The Maximum Zero-Sum Partition Problem

37. Yali Lv, Cheng-Kuan Lin, D. Frank Hsu and Jianxi Fan. A Comparison Diagnosis Algorithm for Conditional Fault Local Diagnosis of Multiprocessor Systems

48. Meirun Chen, Cheng-Kuan Lin and Kung-Jui Pai. A tree structure for local diagnosis in multiprocessor systems under comparison model

51. Xiao-Wen Qin, Rong-Xia Hao and Sheng-Lung Peng. Fault Diagnosability of Multigraph Matching Composition Networks

58. Tengxiang Lin, Cheng-Kuan Lin, Zhen Chen and Hongju Cheng. Computation Offloading Algorithm Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Multi-Task Dependency for Edge Computing

88. Suying Wu, Jianxi Fan, Baolei Cheng and Yan Wang. Hamiltonian Properties of the Dragonfly Network

102. Robert Barish and Tetsuo Shibuya. String editing under pattern constraints

111. Kun Zhao, Hongbin Zhuang, Xiao-Yan Li, Fangying Song and Lichao Su. Partition-Edge Fault-Tolerant Hamiltonicity of Pancake Graphs

116. Sushmita Paul, Ratanjeet Pratap Chauhan and Srinibas Swain. Novel ways of enumerating restrained dominating sets of cycles

127. Tomoyuki Yamakami. Fine Grained Space Complexity and the Linear Space Hypothesis

129. Ruei-Sing Guan, Yu-Chee Tseng, Jen-Jee Chen and Po-Tsun Kuo. Combined Bayesian and RNN-based Hyperparameter Optimization for Efficient Model Selection Applied for autoML

146. Juhi Chaudhary and Bhawani Panda. On Two Variants of Induced Matchings

Cloud Computing and Big Data

18. Chih-Ming Huang, Ming-Ya Hsu, Chuan-Sheng Hung, Chun-Hung Richard Lin, and Shi-Huang Chen. The Enhancement of Classification of Imbalanced Dataset for Edge Computing

72. Ming-Huang Tsai, Yun-He Wang and Wu-Chun Chung. Scaling Model for vIMS on the Cloud

73. Anna Kobusinska and Robert Banaszak. The Use of Serverless Processing in Web Application Development

91. Wang Chen-Shu and Lee Yean-Lin. Using classification algorithms to predict Taiwan Stock Market – A Case study of Taiwan Index Futures

97. Shih-Wen Jiang, Syuan-You Chen, Whai-En Chen and Hsin-Te Wu. Development of Personnel Epidemic Prevention Monitoring Access Control System

120. Rita Wiryasaputra, Chin-Yin Huang, Rio Willyanto and Chao-Tung Yang. Prediction of Middle-Aged Unhealthy Facial Skin using VGG19 and Support Vector Machine Models

133. Sheng-Kai Wang, Wan-Lin You and Shang-Pin Ma. Semi-Automatic Chatbot Generation for Web APIs

142. Che-Wei Chang, Xinyu Zhang and Hung-Chang Hsiao. Query Regrouping Problem on Tree Structure for GPUs Accelerated Platform

Computer Vision and Image Processing

03. Sophia Yang, Jun-Teng Zhang, Chia-Wen Lin and Chih-Chung Hsu. GAN-based Criminal Suspect Face Generator

64. Yu-Kai Ling and Sheng-De Wang. Difficulty-Aware Mixup for Replay-based Continual Learning

94. Alan Shu-Luen Chang. Real-Time Intentional Eye Blink Detection Using Rhombus Identification

150. Kai-Xiang Liu, Chuan-Yu Chang and Matthew Huei-Ming Ma. Vision-Based Lightweight Facial Respiration and Heart Rate Measurement Technology

Cryptography and Information Security

10. Chia-Mei Chen, Wang Yu-Xuan, Zheng-Xun Cai and Boyi Lee. Automatic Summarization of Critial Threat Intelligence Using Transfer Learning

25. Bo-An Lai, Yi-Hsiu Yeh, Guan-Yu Chen, Jheng-Jia Huang and Nai-Wei Lo. A Lightweight and Robust Authentication and Key Agreements with Physically Unclonable Function in Manufacturing Environments

26. Fang-Ting Wu, Shao-Wei Tung and Jheng-Jia Huang. A Robust Two Factor Authentication Scheme with Fine Grained Biometrics Verification

40. Chian-Huei Hong, Chao-Ching Wu and Yi-Ming Chen. Detecting Android malware by combining system call sequence relationships with local feature calculation

63. Wei Gu, Ching-Chun Chang, Yu Bai, Yunyuan Fan, Liang Tao and Li Li. Anti-screenshot Watermarking Algorithm about Archival Image Based on DLM

69. Zheng Tao, Shiwei Jing, Jianjun Li, Guobao Hui and Wanyong Tian. Image compression and meaningful ciphertext encryption based on improved infinite collapse 2D hyperchaos and histogram shift embedding

110. Shin-Jia Hwang and Tzu-Ping Chen. A Detector Using Variant Stacked Denoising Autoencoders with Logistic Regression for Malicious JavaScript with Obfuscations

Electronics and Information Technology

4. Yung-Fa Huang, Shu-Wai Chang, Chuan-Bi Lin, Chun-Jung Chen, Shi-Jun Li and Ching-Mu Chen. An Improved Light Weight Countermeasure Scheme to Efficiently Mitigate TCP Attacks in SDN

9. Hong-Wen Wang, Dai-Yi Chiu, Wei-Chung Chan and Zhi-Fang Yang. Stochastic-Gradient-Descent-Based Max-Margin Early Event Detector

17. Jason Lin, Chia-Wei Tsai, Chun-Wei Yang and Elie Lafortune. Behavior Profiling of Role-Playing Game Players Based on Heuristic Event Log Mining

32. Jih-Ching Chiu, Yan-Ting Wu, Yung-Chi Liu and Chi-Yang Hsieh. Design and Implementation of The Link-list DMA Controller for High Bandwidth Data Streaming

33. Jih-Ching Chiu, Yu-Quen Chen, Yi Xiang Wang and Yung-Chi Liu. Design and Implementation of the Optimized Compu-ting Architecture for Matrix Decomposition Algorithms

35. Jih-Ching Chiu, Zhe-You Yan and Yung-Chi Liu. Design and Implememtation of The CNN Accelator Based on Multi-streaming SIMD Mechanisms

38. Wen-Ting Chang, Yi-Ming Chen and Hui-Hsuan Yang. Android Malware Classifier Combining Permissions and API Features to face model drifting

45. Iuon-Chang Lin and Pai-Ching Tseng. The impact of live streaming on personal purchase behavior

50. Mei-Yu Wu and Chih-Kun Ke. From Data of Internet of Things to Domain Knowledge: A Case Study of Exploration in Smart Agriculture

55. Chih-Che Chang, Chia-Mei Chen and Han-Wei Hsiao. Applying an IoT Analytics Framework in East Asia Area

59. Cheng Ying Yang Yang, Chuan-Bi Lin, Jenq-Foung Jf Yao and Min-Shiang Hwang. Physical Layer Coding and Cryptanalysis for The Security Communications

67. Sheng-Ming Wang, Muhammad Ainul Yaqin and Fu-Hsiang Hsu. AHP-based Assessment of Developing Online Virtual Reality Services with Progressive Web Apps

109. Ah-Fur Lai and Cheng-Ying Yang. The Effectiveness of Block-based Visualized Programming Learning on the problem-solving skills of the Freshmen

119. Chi-Yueh Hsu, Chun-Ming Kuo, Ruo-Wei Hung and Jong-Shin Chen. Research on KNN-based GNSS Coordinate Classification for Epidemic Management

144. Hsiu-Mei Chou, Ching-Yeh Hsin and Tso-Chung Sung. STEM Education Meets HPC

Mobile Computation and Wireless Communication

28. Shashank Mishra and Jia-Ming Liang. Design, Design and Analysis for Wireless Tire Pressure Sensing System

108. Chun Hsiung, Fuchun Joseph Lin, Jyh-Cheng Chen and Chien Chen. 5G Network Slice Scalability based on Management Data Analytics Function (MDAF)

Ubiquitous Cybersecurity and Forensics

39. Zhe-Wei Lin, Tzu-Hung Liu and Po-Wen Chi. LED: Learnable Encryption with Deniability

43. Guan-Yu Wang, Hung-Jui Ko, Min-Yi Tsai and Wei-Jen Wang. Module Architecture of Docker Image and Container Security

44. Cheng-Ta Huang. High-Capacity Double-Layer Data Hiding Technique Based on 3D Magic Cube

47. Tzu-Hao Chen, Chit-Jie Chew, Ying-Chin Chen and Jung-San Lee. Preserving Collusion-free and Traceability in Car-sharing System based on Blockchain

60. Edy Kristianto, Po-Ching Lin and Ren-Hung Hwang. Domain-specific Anomaly Detection for In-vehicle Networks

75. Nompilo Fakude and Elmarie Kritzinger. Utilization of Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF) to Validate the Digital Piracy Behaviour Constructs – A systematic Literature Review Study