All conference participants must pay the registration fee. For each accepted paper, at least one author must attend and pay the registration fee.

Regular presentation (on-site)USD 300
Online participationUSD 100

Registration Fee Payment link

Step1. Please fill in the relevant information and select “submit”. (Please fill (1) paper ID, (2) online or on-site, (3) vegetarian in Remark.)

Step2. Please confirm the filled-in information.

Step3. Please check the amount of fee (1 USD = 33 NTD)

Step4. Fill-in your credit card information and confirm

Step5. After selecting the transaction verification password request method, select “Get”

Step6. Fill-in the transaction verification password and submit

Step7. Response Code 00 means the payment successful.

For domestic participates, the wired transfer information is as follows.
Please fill-in the Register form after transferring registration fee.


  1. 銀行名稱:兆豐國際商業銀行 新竹分行
  2. 銀行代號:017
  3. 戶名:台灣雲端計算學會
  4. 帳號:20309038593
Regular presentation (on-site)新台幣 9900
Online participation新台幣 3300